Insect surveillance at global scales

Monitor pest levels in your olive orchards

Identify what species is invading your vineyard

Monitor the health of your palm trees

Helps maintain an infestation-free grain silo

How does it work?

We endow typical, low-cost plastic traps for a large number of insect pests with the necessary optoelectronic sensors to guard the entrance of the trap in order to detect, time-stamp, GPS tag, and - in relevant cases - identify the species of the incoming insect from their wingbeat.

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Pest monitoring for your crops

Farmers rarely have the extent and quality of information needed to make timely decisions on treatments because their knowledge on when and where the infestation exactly starts, what is the state of the current situation and what was the effect of an applied treatment, is based on manual inspection of monitoring traps deployed on a limited spatial and temporal scale.

We develop technologies to improve, expand and automate global monitoring of insects of economic importance to thousands of nodes around the world.

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